Twilight Collectibles News – Carlisle Richest Fictional Character

In recent Twilight collectibles news, Forbes magazine has released its latest report of the richest fictional characters known as The Forbes Fictional 15. Relative newcomer, forbes Carlisle Cullen, who is considered the patriarch of the vampire “family” has quickly surged to the top position in overall wealth with an estimated net worth in excess of $34 billion.

In order to be included in the listing, candidates must be a fictional creation but they generally will not consider folklore and mythological characters. To be considered, Forbes requires candidates to have starred in a particular work or series of works and must be ubiquitously known as extremely wealthy within their canon. In order to determine the characters’ overall net worth, Forbes conducted a thorough analysis of the original source work and valued any information provided there against actual, dani-info real-world stock prices and commodity movements.

Based solely upon knowledge provided within the The Twilight Saga, it is very easy to see how Carlisle could take over the ranking so quickly. Not only is he a brilliant and well-respected doctor but he has been actively growing his wealth since he was turned into a vampire in the mid-1600s! It also extremely beneficial that, more recently, he has had the tremendous assistance of Alice who can predict the future — an excellent quality to have when participating in the volatility of the stock market! meilleurscasino

On his way to the top of the list, Carlisle bypassed some incredibly calculating, well-known childhood characters such as the Tooth Fairy and The Simpson‘s Montgomery Burns. In his rapid ascent, Carlisle even raced past some of the richest characters ever — Richie Rich and Scrooge McDuck.

After several years of absence from the list, literary hero Jay Gatsby of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby made a bold reappearance with a $1 billion dollar fortune, asserting his claim to the 15th position. Two significant characters to drop off of the list entirely this year include Uncle Sam, who has long been used as a recruiting tool for the US Army and Jabba the Hut of Star Wars fame who Forbes lists as having died under mysterious circumstances in 2009.

It has been wonderful to witness The Twilight Saga‘s tremendous rise in popularity among people throughout the world of every age and gender. Validation of the significance of the Twilight series and Twilight collectibles by the well-respected, Forbes magazine speaks to its meteoric rise in popularity and its continued success in the future.


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