Secure, Managed File Transfer Solutions for Local Authorities

One of the biggest issues that local authorities currently face is the inability to transfer information safely and efficiently in a financially responsible and risk free way. As more local authorities devolve certain aspects of their day to day running to other areas, adhd Milwaukee or find the need to pass information between areas within their divisions, it’s critical to their understanding of secure file transfer to investigate Managed File Transfer.

‘The Big Community’

The government is talking about everything from allowing volunteers to take over libraries, to companies sponsoring and running elements of the community – but how can you guarantee file information during these times of austerity, yet heightened awareness of the fragility and apparent ease of loss of data? MFT can support the first and rule out the second entirely, killing a massive security issue as easily as clicking and uploading an audit trailed file.

With integration with email services and more, MFT can provide companies with easy to support, easy to use systems that integrate with systems of other sizes with ease. Whether you’re a one computer library attached to a school, or the county council office sending out information to each of its sub districts, MFT is the solution that councils and local authorities are looking for, email big files free without an increase in cost or risk.

Solving Everything From Security Breaches to Speed of Delivery

MFT delivers items as fast as email, which means mission critical information can be transferred between offices as fast as possible, while also solving most security problems. MFT is more secure than other server side platforms and can give the end user a seamless experience, in email or other system purpose built for use with it, without creating or augmenting burdens on already taxed systems. Managed file transfer can also bridge the gap between working areas, allowing housing to contribute to the University’s files, and the University to provide information to the local and County councils, freeing up paperwork. Local Education Authorities can administer their own funds for their students, while freeing up the centralised group responsible for collecting loans to work with clients to find the best support for them.


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