Hair Coloring Mistakes to Avoid

When you color your home from home there will always be the chance of making a mistake. The most common mistake that people make when coloring their hair is choosing the wrong color. When you color your hair from home you only want to go two shades lighter or darker. If you want to do anything drastic you will want to ensure that you go in a professional salon that way you do not do any further damage.

Another common mistake that women make when coloring their hair at home is not knowing whether they are warm or cool. Deciding if you are warm or cool is going to depend on your skin tone, but can also be affected by the color of your eyes. Warm skin tones are going to be women who tan easily, 613 blonde wig but another way to tell is if the veins in your arms are green. Women who are a cool are going to be the ones with a fair skin tone, but they also burn easily and have blue veins running through their arms. Knowing if you are warm or cool allows you to pick the right hair color for your skin tone.

Once you have determined if you are a warm or cool skin tone you can work on choosing the correct hair color for your hair. If you are a warm skin tone you will want to opt for the different golden shades, but you want them to be a bit darker than your skin tone. However, with the warm skin tone you want to avoid jet black because it can make your skin appear sallow. You also want to avoid the lighter golden colors because it can color your hair orange. If you are colors that work best for cools are going to be ash blondes and cool browns.

The best way to pick out the color that works the best for your skin tone is to hold up swatches of color next to your face in the sunlight. This gives you a true idea of what the color will look like on you. When determining the color that looks the best the first time you dye your hair you will want to ask a hair stylist for their opinion.

When coloring your gray hair if you are more than one-third gray you can hide your color with blonde, that is if you will look good as a blonde. If you are less than one third gray and do not think you will look god as a blonde you can choose your natural hair color, but you will want to use a semi-permanent hair color to blend the gray in.


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